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Virtual Santa Fe Trail

Factor Earth Explore experiences

Even if you can’t explore Colorado’s Santa Fe Trail State Scenic & Historic Byway in person (which is obviously best!), modern technology allows you to virtually visit some of the site’s along the byway. Images and information are available through Factor Earth Explore to see Bent’s New Fort, Sierra Vista Overlook, Timpas Picnic Area, Iron Spring Historic District and the Trinidad History Museum. The button below will take you to these experiences!

With Explore, our heritage is immersive and accessible in revolutionary ways.

Explore uses 360 spherical images to create a virtual reality experience for users to discover your embedded content. It is a progressive web app, or PWA, meaning there’s no app store to visit or anything to download and keep updated. Users access Explore like any website from their mobile or desktop browsers. The app can then be added to the home screen and launched like a traditional app-store app. The content is offline-enabled and can be accessed wherever users are exploring.

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