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Kiowa County was created in 1889 and is located on the eastern edge of Colorado, sharing its east border with Kansas. The Missouri Pacific Railroad came to Colorado in 1887 during the Colorado Gold Rush, leading to the establishment of several small camps for railroad workers.

Kiowa County defines rural Colorado and is still considered a frontier because of its population density. There are 1786 square miles with a .8 person per square mile! The wide-open space of Kiowa County offers tremendous outdoor activities.

Are watersports or fishing your thing? Go to the south of Eads and check out the Great Plains Reservoirs bearing Cheyenne Indian names Neesopah, Neegronda, Neenoshe, and Neeskah. These are part of the Queens State Wildlife Area. If you go south of Haswell, you’ll find Adobe Creek Reservoir or ‘Blue Lake’. All are excellent areas for wildlife watching, from prairie dogs to eagles.

Not all history is comfortable to learn about, but widen your perspective! Northeast of Chivington is the location of the Sand Creek Massacre atrocities and the nation’s 391st national park. You can also visit the site of the Towner School Bus Tragedy and get a feel for what life on the plains was like in March of 1931.

Escape from life’s hustle and bustle in Kiowa County’s magical prairie lands.

Of Interest –The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail from Astoria, OR to Yorktown, VA consisting of 4250 miles (6840 km) crosses Kiowa County on state highway 96 and is known as the Prairie Horizons Trail.

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